Life at the keyboard

Life at the keyboard

Life at the keyboardLife at the keyboard

Get to know me


Where did it Start

started at the piano early on, mom thought it was a good idea.  had several teachers that provided me with the lessons i needed.  music lessons are a lot like get what you give.  lots of solo time in the studio help to reflect on life. 

i am not good with words, so music is my expression. 


those that helped me along the way, my influencers and teachers, music and otherwise . (alphabetical, well close)

dave brackley

dan campione

mark chase

andrea clearfield

joanne cromley

brent edmondson

margaret greenawalt

sue gildea

margaret hillis

elliot jones

john lilley

my mom

randy raines

david smart

karen thomas-brown

cynthia uitermarkt

heather willis

hiroko yamazaki


What I am Doing Now

this is it, composing, writing, editing and  still learning.  life is music, and music is life.  always keep listening....and hit the record button; music, like life, is meant to be captured.